10 Valentine’s Day Planning Tips for Retailers

It’s that time of the year again. Here are few tips that will help retailers planned ahead.

  1. Make sure you have a variety of products: have products for HER and products for HIM.
  2. Take risk: This is the perfect time to try bringing in new products. Order a small quantity to begin with.
  3. Merchandise products that will sell: speakers, headphones, backpacks, portable chargers are usually very popular around this time of the year so make sure you have some or try tip #2.
  4. Think outside the box: you want to draw people into your store so what best way to do that then to put some of your best sellers on promotion? People are looking for deals so make sure you have something to offer.
  5. Create your own: create packages, combine hot sellers with items you have too much in stock and want to get rid of.
  6. Sell outside your front door: people love free stuff. Offer free chocolate or complementary gift wrapping to anyone passing by your store and take advantage of that to draw them in.
  7. Restock your shelves: Order extra 5-10 items of each of your regular products. You know your store better than anyone so stock up based on your regular demand.
  8. Go with the flow: if your store is not big on Valentine’s Day, allocate a small area in your store for the event and have fun with it.
  9. Use social media: What good would it do if after all this planning and preparation, nobody knows about it? Get on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or simply word to mouth. Make sure you get the word out.
  10. Smile. Greet. Help: your store might get very busy at times; remember to treat every customer like a million dollar sale. Remember tip#7 words to mouth.



If you need help planning, our account managers are one phone call away. You can also send an email to sales@tomauri.com.


Happy Valentine’s day!


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