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Trublue back to school promotion

It is this time of the year again and all students are excited to go back to school, to see their classmates again, and to use new school supplies for classes.

According to an analysis conducted by Deloitte[1], the 3 main product categories which parents are planning to buy for their children are; School supplies, clothes/shoes and backpack/book bag. This report also shows that on average parents are projected to spend $488 on their back to school shops. This is a great opportunity to stock up with the best back to school selling products and be ready to increase your revenues.

Here are some tips for you take advantage of this back to school season and improve your sales:

Tip #1: Don’t focus all your targeting strategy on the parents, remember that students will ask their parents to buy what they want and like.

For this season the focus has always been on the parent because they are the ones who have the money, but recently consumer behavior shows how children can influence their parent’s decision[2], asking them to buy the item they like and want. Plan your merchandising strategy based on what students like and what would be more appealing to them.

Tip #2: Back to school is not just about young children, remember high school and college students!

We always tend to think of kid’s products when it is related to back to school, but there is a huge opportunity with teenagers and young adults to leverage revenues as well. Most of these teenagers make their own purchasing decisions, so a good strategy is to offer them what they like; trendy and stylish products like the new line of TruBlue bags designed specifically for Back to School.

Tip #3: Offer promotions or discounts online and provide useful information related to the products

Every year online sales are increasing rapidly, specifically with younger demographics[3]. College students go online to find products, read reviews, and make purchasing decisions. If they have incentives such as promo codes or online discounts, they will be more likely to proceed to the checkout and you are more likely to make the sale!

Remember this is a high volume time, all parents and students are buying their school supplies to be ready for school. Don’t miss the opportunity stock up on what they want! Take advantage of our great TruBlue Promo running during all of August. Be their Back-to-School destination this year with the best-selling backpack brand.

TruBlue Back to School Promo


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  • Trublue back to school promotion
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    It is this time of the year again and all students are excited to go back to school, to see their

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