Privacy Policy

Tomauri respects the privacy of our employees, our suppliers and our clients and ensures that the personal information we collect about, or on behalf of the aforementioned, remains secure and protected. In order to operate effectively, there are times where personal information must be shared with a third party. In such circumstances, Tomauri will not release any personal information without first being advised of its intended use and obtaining permission to do so from the affected individual.
Our policy is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Canadian federal privacy law. We have always maintained the privacy of the people we deal with and will continue to do so under the guidelines of the privacy legislation. We are committed to constant self-evaluation of our practices and procedures and to maintaining the highest standard in this regard.
To confirm our commitment to privacy, Tomauri has appointed a Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer is able to offer more information on our practices and policy, to ensure compliance by everyone at Tomauri and to rectify any complaints. The Privacy Officer can be contacted by e-mail at

Tomauri makes the following commitments:

  • We will only collect personal information necessary to ensure we can adequately serve you.
  • We will keep all personal information collected confidential and secure as is appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.
  • We will not collect, use or disclose personal information without your consent except when legally required to do so.
  • Individuals are entitled to view any of their personal information obtained by Tomauri by submitting a request in writing to Tomauri’s Privacy Officer.


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