Tomauri Creates and delivers products
that strengthen the connections
between people and technology.

Our Story

Founded in 1987, Tomauri is a leading designer, importer, and distributor of cutting-edge electronics accessories. With a legacy of over 30 years, we supply thousands of retail stores, support e-commerce programs for major retailers across North America, and manage multiple direct-to-consumer and wholesale e-commerce platforms.

Our Brands

Brand building has been part of Tomauri's success story since our inception. Our experience in developing our own brands gives us a unique perspective and makes us a trustworthy distribution partner to young brands.

Since 1989, BlueDiamond has been a source for reliable computer and electronics cables, peripherals, and accessories. All BlueDiamond products feature a lifetime warranty, ready-for-retail packaging, and a superior end-user experience.


Supplying you with the tools that make you better at what you do. Code like a maniac, design like a guru, and game like an assassin. Take pride in your setup and look good while you achieve it all.

Discover your inspiration, Defy definition, Be ONEofZERO.


Are you leaving profit on the counter? Capture more impulse sales! We have used our years of industry experience to bring you BlueDiamond ToGo - the perfect solution for impulse buy merchandising.


Discover. Live. True. TruBlue is a lifestyle brand where people can express their personality and their opinions, explore as they see fit, and get better quality products for their money.